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Franklin 1st Day Kayak Races

January 1, 2020


I usually blow this off, but my sister Elizabeth and I need a break from cleaning the pantry, so we went down to the annual Jan. 1 kayak races in downtown Franklin, meeting her husband Patrick at the event. The kayaks come down the Winnipesaukee to the mill pond in town. Downstream the Winnie meets […]

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A Proliferation of Crooked Doors of Portsmouth

December 30, 2019


Portsmouth has changed, there is no doubt. As we drove into town we were met first with a brand new parking garage, and the blocks of hideous new buildings, like cancers on the face of an old, loved friend. It was momentarily disorienting. There has been more growth here in the last decade than in […]

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The Damned of Eldritch Creek

November 20, 2019


The Damned of Eldritch Creek By Jon Tobey   I’m assuming that anybody on my Facebook page who is going to buy More Lore from the Mythos has already done so, so I’m going to post a portion of my story in the analogy here, and ask if you like it, please invest $1.99 in […]

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