Bill Finney Photo of the Week

Posted on September 10, 2011


Bill has been photographing Ireland for it must be over 50 years now. Enjoy this latest release.

If your ever near Dingle, the trip around the peninsula is worth a day or two –
moving animals along the roads in Ireland is often referred to as an Irish traffic jam. The sheep all graze jointly, the spray paint is to tell who owns them.
I do remember these “traffic jams” from when I was in Ireland as a boy. Not only for sheep,  but when all of the donkey carts would bring their milk jugs to a central junction to empty them into a tanker truck. The Irish were fabulously patient about it, getting out of their cars to sun themselves and read the paper on the hood. At that time the farmers could still be seen wearing coats and ties in the field.
Sometimes I remember that trip and hope time is still standing still on the Emerald Isle.