Why B&W, Cole Thompson Repost

Posted on October 6, 2011


It's a fish

Normally I don’t see the point of reposting another person’s work. I did my own post early on “Why B&W.” I’m sure a lot of people do. But none so eloquently as Cole Thompson, an artist whose work I appreciated so much on a visceral level that I have him on my links list to the right.

Last night, after 6 straight hours of online meetings when I needed a little refreshment for the soul, I went to his blog where I stumbled upon his power point “Why Black and White?” PowerPoint Presentation.  Now I appreciate him intellectually as well. You can download it or view it in the web browser.  If you view it in the browser make sure you click the Notes button to read the text. I guess I like it because well, I’ve said or tried to say many of these things. He talks about the medium, why it’s important to shoot portfolios, what it means to be an artist, shooting things that have been shot “one million times,” seeing like a photographer, ignoring other photographers, why you should ignore the rules. So many important things, whether you shoot color or B&W, film or digital. Hell, whether you are a photographer or a dancer. And he illustrates them with his own work.  His reference to the Mark Twain story of the man talking about inhumanity with the devil alone is worth the read.

Also, if you are a B&W digital photographer, he describes his workflow here: “Workflow” Word Document.  He has been called a Photoshop Heretic for his crude, yet effective way that he uses the tool as he espouses simplicity.  Yet, many of you may find it an enlightening and effective approach.

It’s a wonderful world. With luck, I’ll be off 88 hour weeks soon and be able to post my own work again. In the meantime, I encourage  you to read the more enlightened.

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