Elevenses the 11/11/11 Report

Posted on November 13, 2011


This is actually more physics than photography, but since I had a camera nearby by I was able to record this really cool thing which I still have yet to figure out. And I apologize about the images, I should’ve gotten my tripod, but it was midnight.

On midnight of 11/10/11,  the start of 11/11/11, we finished watching Brazil, and I got up to notice this really cool thing I’ve never seen before, the full moon was shining directly  through my skylight and onto the floor like a spotlight. It was like the Mayan calendar or Queen Maeve’s mound or some similar archeological astronomical site. Duvall Henge. You can just see the outer concentric circle in this image which is the light from the skylight in general with the moon in the middle.

My private spot

But wait, that’s not the cool part. The cool part is that this search beam effect actually melted the frost/evaporated the condensation on my skylight in this perfect circle. At least that is how it appeared. It could be that the skylight fogs from the outside in and there was a perfect circle in the middle of it exactly the size of the circle on the floor and the moon lined up exactly with it. (I had to take it slightly off center to get it to show.)

Hole in the sky

I prefer to believe that the power of the sun reflecting off of the moon 250,000 miles away still had enough energy to create this incredible local effect.  Pretty stunning that it could evaporate water at that distance. Anybody got a better idea?

Now I just need a really good astronomer to tell me when the full moon will be in that position again so I can sacrifice some Spam or something.

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