Posted on June 7, 2012


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Duvall Big Rock Car Show 2012

Shooting car shows is fun, but a little limiting. The cars being so close together really makes is hard to get great shots of one car, and I often find the reflections as interesting as the cars themselves, imagewise. Again I wrote about this before (Funny Physics – Shooting Reflections). This weekend I was going to go to the Kulture festival in Silverdale, but various things conspired (turns out programming WordPress is hard) for me not to make it there, but sychronicitously (can you misspell a derivation of a made-up word?), there was a little car show in my home town (which I would’ve missed if my friend Beth hadn’t called me up to tell me about it).

It was raining and the sky had a dire maelstrom thing going on it it. So I stepped back, used my trust $35 28-200 zoom and shot reflections. I particularly like the tilt-shift effect of the featured image, above.

Best part of the show was talking to a local guy who is restoring a 52 Hudson Hornet with his dad. This is the largest 6 cylinder engine ever put into production and won NASCAR 3 years running from 49-52, driven by Doc Watson. (An homage to both given in the  Doc Hudson character in the Disney Cars movies.)

Get this though, they are restoring it as a race car and plan on racing it. It’s like Rodney Strong opening the two bottles of Thomas Jefferson’s wine he bought at 1.5 million dollars.  Well, he opened one, the waiter dropped the other. D’oh! True story.

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