Shooting Fish in a Barrel

Posted on June 7, 2012


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That was the title of an old email where I found the attached images from a car show. It’s neat to find these, because I was sure I lost them in the fire.  These are all scanned from slides. I’ve shot a lot of car shows over the last few years and I’ve learned a lot. I wrote about some of these images earlier in Funny Physics – Shooting Reflections, and there is a link to them on the right, back when I posted on Facebook before I had the blog. But, for completeness and because I feel I need to post I’ll put them here in a gallery.

POSTSCRIPT:  Actually my friend Beth Alison reminded me these shots were after the fire, because she actually took many of them while I was fiddling with my medium format camera! Way to go Beth! Sorry!

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