Czech Glass

Posted on October 9, 2012


For my glass artist friends, I took a few photos in Prague and Český Krumlov, both UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and both glass centers. In Český Krumlov, the museum is reproducing various glasses spanning over a millennium. I learned more about glass in 15 minutes talking to the store keeper than I ever knew, and my mom used to deal in glass antiques and I spent some time hanging around Pilchuck. I was very tempted to bring some stuff home, if I still got “stuff.”

As I’ll explain in subsequent posts, this was a trip of camera issues, starting with my friends’ wedding before we left. Most of my digital pictures, as most of my digital pictures are wont to be, were just snapshots, particularly for these shopping shots when I was walking along with my dad and didn’t want to take time to put polarizing filters, etc on. I just wanted to inspire some of my struggling artist friends. Anyway, Bernard Hymmen thoroughly documented the trip and I’ll be pointing people to his images when he posts them.

One of the things I was amazed about was the quality and quantity of amber, they had pieces in the windows nicer than any I’d ever seen in museums. Amber is fossilized tree resin, which often has bugs and such inside it. You can clearly see them in some of these shots, the amber creating a natural little magnifier for what it contains.

Most of the rest of the glass I noticed on the trip was only because it had beer in it, 2-5 liters a day. Na zdraví!  (nah zdra-vee), Cheers in Czech, an impenetrable language – literally means “on health”.

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