Posted on December 3, 2012


10,000 Hits

My blog exceeded 10,000 views last week. This is largely due to me having to go back 9657 times to fix typos, and my friends Bob Triggs and Ryan Davey mentioning me online. I get record days whenever anybody mentions me on washingtonflyfishing.com.  Oh, and my mom and other two faithful readers. One of them, Rob Howard, was the 10,000th reader and since I’m back in the dark room again, I think I’ll send him a print. I’ve had visitors from Moravia and other places I couldn’t find on a map.

And of course there are the Flovers, those who must like every fresh-pressed post in an attempt to raise there own readership. I’ve already gotten 4 likes on this post in the first minute.

I only wish it wasn’t so arduous for people to comment directly on the blog. Most of the comments I get come on FaceBook. There are some vibrant discussions there that deserve a wider audience.


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