Mikhail Skopets and Fishing in the Russian Far East

Posted on February 24, 2013


Doing a little house cleaning on my blog and added two new links to the Fly Fishing section for my friend Mikhail Skopets with whom I’m working to publish an English-language version of his excellent book Flyfishing in the Russian Far East. Mikhail works for the Russian government cataloging species in various rivers – using a fly rod. In over 30 years he’s discovered 4 species of fish. His writing is an excellent blend of technique as he determines how to catch new species, fly innovation, conservation, and travelogue. All delivered in rich, humble prose.  When he’s not “working,” he goes fishing to places like Java, Patagonia, the Congo. If you want to read about catching fish you’ve never heard of in places few people have ever been, he’s the guy. Stay posted for more news on the book. I’m  really excited about this project and getting back into publishing after too long of a hiatus.

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