Has Every Picture Been Taken?

Posted on March 1, 2013


Small World Files

A few years ago, when people still shot slides, I brought some film into Ivey Searight, in Seattle across from Glazer’s to be developed. This is less than 10 years ago. Pros used to come in with 30+ rolls to be developed. It was a busy place, now it’s an empty storefront. Anyway, I had some pictures from my hometown, Portsmouth NH. I was looking at the photos and the woman behind the desk said, “Hey, I took a picture of that tree!” Not only did she take the picture, she had it with her! In fact she had about three images that were eerily similar to mine (out of 36). A tree, 3000 miles away. What are the odds? (Even if it is the only 200-year old Monkey Plane tree in town.)

Of course, it’s a few less degrees of separation, but I wrote about another similar experience before.

Another interesting thing I’ve written about is how as soon as you post a blog,  you get all of these random likes from people. After I posted the first chapter of Michael Kilkenny’s wake, I got a hit. This is all about people liking your stuff so you will go look at theirs. I’m sure there is some WordPress ranking thing based on likes and such. Frankly, I rarely go looking because A) I know they didn’t have time to read my voluminous posts and 2) if they didn’t take time to actually comment, then I figure it’s a ranking thing. (Unlike Rob Howard, with whom I’ve developed a mutual respect and correspondence and have on my links list.)

Anyway, years ago when I had good reason to hang out at Mt. Pilchuck to take a few photos, I took the featured image, above. I got a like from a blog and followed up, more through procrastination than anything, then clicked on what looked like a local link, and ran into this image. Even the angle and the trash at the base of the stump is the same, and the verdant growth is relatively the same. I would say the person was within a meter of where I shot this image, and probably within the same season, 10 years ago. Now how small is the world? Interesting to compare the landscape and portrait formats. I was lead by the lines of the roof to stretch it out, but maybe the verticality of the portrait mode emphasizes the tree house nature of it. what do you think?  I’m still trying to track down ownership of the photo, hopefully a trackback to the link will prompt a reply.



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