The Very Cruelest Thing Recording

Posted on May 11, 2013


No time to read my stuff? Well, now you can listen to it! Jennifer Marble suggested it and Mark Hoffman has very generously recorded one of my stories. It’s about 10 min. and you can click the link to hear it on youtube.  This is the story that got ~3,000 hits in one weekend and which, with any luck will be in an upcoming issue of  The Fly Fishing Journal. According to Mark “You write for the voice.”

The Very Cruelest Thing::Audio

The image was taken of a frozen waterfall up by Quechee Gorge on the NH/VT line.

Please leave a comment and let me know if this works for you!

As an aside, it was very powerful for me as a writer to hear how another person hears my work. It’s like I never knew the story before. After hearing his haunting rendition, I agree with my friend Laura, I might just need therapy. Or, maybe Mark is just a little creepy. You decide.

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This month I’ve published over 15,000 words and hundreds of images.  I’m always interested in knowing if people find the work relevant. Please take time to leave comments, and definitely to share.

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