Posted on May 28, 2013


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One day, I had a fever dream…


I’m going down

into Sleeptown

Sometimes in your sleep

you will fall between

the grids of your dreams

past their streets

into the sewers below

but don’t be afraid

In  the sewage and stillage

of your mind

you will find

treasures and measures

beyond compare

If the spirits are speaking

the things you are seeking

will bubble and seethe

Placing within your grasp

answers to questions


There will come a slow face

hard to recognize

The other side

of  your own

Don’t demean it

or you will lose all the wisdom stored

It’s a city in there

Come to Dreamtown

There’s a cold cat killer rat

with a gold snake stare eye

Looks familiar don’t know why

Must be gnawing

Feel it in  your spine most of the time

It was his calling

And the poison runs deep

from every door and portal

Who walks with you, askew

A joker in striped pants

and what is it that he juggles

Out of your eye

secrets fly by

but they are muddled

When the darkness seeps in

covers the last of them,

it will end your troubles

There’s a bar on the corner

But you fear the devil serves the rounds

So when the server beckons

you go down

and meet a woman

like a fish

On whom you beget a school

Where nothing is taught

and everyhing is forgotten

You rise up through the earth

and the ground is rotten

This is a rebirth

You awaken with combustion

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