Opening Day

Posted on June 2, 2013


My 111th post, oh my.

How could I be sick 2 days and still work a 60-hr week? There is no way I’m going to finish this house, not even being able to start until 4PM, and the customer adding scope. Damn, I’m tired. I’m done. Shit, it’s opening day, I should at least go to the river before dark.  I should tell Beth that I’m taking off.

You want to come along? Sure, get me to 18 and then follow me.

Damn, I don’t remember 18 being this long, and I used to commute on it. It’s only been a year but I hope I can find the exit. Ahh, staties, that means we are near the cop-shop exit. Next exit. Okay there we go. Oh? That’s new “Road Ends?” “Private Drive?” Hmmm. Well that should keep the rabble out. Sweet! Nobody here. Damn, do I even had a rod? A reel? I think I saw my waders back there from the Davey trip. Thank god we bought beer. Oh, not only do I have a reel, I have the reel. 28′ sink tip.  A rod? Oh, crap the rod tube is empty. How many more times…You would think I’d’ve learned after hiking 2000′ in 2 miles to Big Greider with an empty tube.

Okay, got the 10′ 4wt, and I caught the biggest fish of my life on that rod and line combo, guess it will do.  Flies? Ah, the hornberg-muddler box, set. Would you like a beer? Mmmm. Use the hooky  think on the door frame of the car to open it. Crap the leader is down to 1x, ah, it’s the Cedar and flows are high, 1x is fine. Ready? Cool.  Forceps, where are the damn forceps. Fine, take the needle-nose pliers from the toolbox.

Okay, the path is steep and it’s actually a rivulet watch your footing. The path is around here somewhere…Excellent, nobody has been on it. Unfortunately that means its covered in raspberries and  weeds. Damn 10′ rod. Go by whilst I climb this tree.

And there it is. Yeah, I know sweet. Have fun, I’m going upstream. Oh, damn, forgot about the leaky waders, wet to the hip. Losing light, it’s a short run hustle to the top fish it fast, you know the trout will be at the bottom. Remember first time you fished this with Cracker? Wrote Warden here in your head that night.  That’s the spot right there where Mark let you pass him up last time you were here. Was it 11 or 12 fish you caught before he worked that wind knot out? You are an asshole.

Crap! Forgot how much my wrist hurt. That’s going to ruin my stop. Shut up Bob, shut up. Okay, we won’t call it casting, we’ll call it lobbing, but the fish don’t care.  First cast, second cast, third cast, bump-bump-bump. Oh, my. That tickles the medula oblongata. What?! A fucking raft? Where did that come from, never seen that here? Why yes, I was doing quite well, but since you just rafted over my line….How far do you have to go to escape fools?

Okay, work it out. Yes, I remember that story about the guy stalking the brown and the guy in the canoe putting it down. I don’t believe it. I can’t believe it.  Cast, cast, cast. Oh, that was an actual cast and not a lob. Sweet! So sweet I put it in a tree on the other side of the river. Okay, damn 1x, point the rod and pull it. Shit! Can’t believe that came loose, duck. Great now it’s stuck in a tree on this side of the river at least.

Okay, shorten it up just a bit, nice. Put it right behind that log…Seriously, how could I not remember that branch? Tuuuuuug. And I got it back again! Mmmm, no hook this time, though. Okay, no problem, got the magic box. There we go. Cast and step. Cover the water. Where are the fish? Should’ve hit fish by now. Fish it out, through the tail water. Maybe that raft did put them down. Mosquitos?  Seriously? That is a huge bug on my arm. Ouch! Okay it was just a briar, shouldn’t have slapped that I guess. Going to start having to wear my glasses fishing?

Okay, it’s not dark yet. Let’s do it again. Let the water rest, go back past the top and start over. What the hell? Two more guys in pontoons parked upstream. Okay, this is your water, get it first. Damn, water is suddenly too deep, too fast, I’m too tired. That’s as far as I can go.

Hustle and flow baby, hustle and flow. Dammit, what kind of wind knot is that? Speed, not haste. Cast, strip, strip, water load, shoot, never stop walking. Cover it. Nice, almost up on to the shore in the slack water. Okay, you got it back. What? Oh, that would be great! Yes, please go behind me and stay right. A little love there!

It’s all coming together, but where are the fish? I know they hold in here, this is go-to water. Think, think it through. Okay, normally its a seam, a tail out, a riffle, and that deep pool below you need to nymph, in other words that you never fish. Maybe the water is too deep for a tail out. Maybe you need to fish it further down, maybe that is where the tail out is in high water.

Yes! Now I can tell people my supposition was keen insight. And better I can lord it over Mauro. If I’d been skunked he’d’ve won. Did I hoot? Beth and the two guys downstream are looking up. Well, yeah, you are probably getting skunked on dry flies. HaHa. You are only 8″, but let me give you a big kiss little buddy, you saved my day. Now I can go home.

Mmm, almost dark can’t wade any farther water is deep and and now I’m outside the seam. One more cast. Dude! Almost to the bank, under the trees. You’re back. Feedthelinefeedthelinefeedtheline, rip it off the reel. Running line is gone, 50 yards into the backing. And what? It stopped in this current?  Set the hook! Hahahahaha. Seriously?  Fish on. Crap! Broke my rod, there it goes floating away. Point whats left at the fish.  How do I put some ass in this one Davey? Crankthatreelcrankthatreelcrankthatreel. Right. Big fish, heavy water, straight down stream, like that’s going to work, even with 1x.

Okay what is that 200′ of line, and you think you can hand line that fish/log in? I don’t think so. This is way too easy. But dude you are playing that log like a champ. Well, you had a good run, you caught a some good fish on that $40 rod you never finished. Oh, there is the top of the rod, and what the hell? Holy crap! That fish is huge! Longer than the rod handle with the fighting butt. Oh, man, the guilt over not calling Tavish.

Am I laughing outloud? Beth is looking. I guess I am. That is one of the biggest trout I ever caught in this river and as green as a Peloponnese Ionian olive.  The stripe looks like something on a hot rod.  Wow. Well, you found the fish. But even if you hadn’t broken the rod, time to quit, you’ve had your share.  Time to go drink beer.

Thank god Beth saw that fish. I’ll let her describe it to Mauro.

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