Germany Trip 2: Salzburg, Český Krumlov, and Bernard Pivovar

Posted on September 26, 2013


Where there is only light and dark beer.

After Oktoberfest we went to dinner and then back to the hotel. I couldn’t sleep and ended up doing card tricks in the bar with these weird Bavarian cards, drinking schnapps, and trying to teach the bartender to make martinis. (After 5 liters at the fair, and beer with dinner, mind you.) Bernard and my dad came looking for me around midnight and we retired around 3. I woke up in the morning a uniform shade of yellow from my hair to my feet: my eyes, my teeth, my skin, my nails, the soles of my feet.  Not so good.

So of course we got on the Autobahn and I had to drive so Bernard could navigate.  The adrenaline from driving at 100+ MPH seemed to counteract the shakes a little bit. Honestly, one of my favorite things about the entire trip was driving the Autobahn. Unlike Seattle where you never know what anybody is going to do at any given time, on the Autobahn you always know exactly what somebody is going to do. It’s very relaxing, even when people are passing you at 150mph. We ended up in Salzburg around noon, coincidentally around the time my humanity was returning.  They were also celebrating Oktoberfest which made it both fun and hard to really see anything except this big cathedral.

That night we stayed at a beautiful hotel on a lake in Gmunden Austria. I do remember drinking Egger out of these cool glasses and having a 5-star, 5-course dinner with Riesling.  The next day we were off to the Czech Republic and  Český Krumlov, a beautiful walled city (one of 3 World Heritage sites on the trip) and home of Eggenberg brewery.  As in so many breweries here they served two beers: helles and dunkel. All of your vaunted BJCP knowledge is wrong. Get over it.  I wrote about this fabulous ancient walled glass city here.  We climbed the castle tower and took some photos. We went out that night, but it’s escaping me where just now. Unfortunately, this is a fully pedestrian city and my dad could not see as much of it as we would’ve liked.

The next day we were off to to Humpolec to Bernard could visit the eponymous Bernard Brewery. I became fascinated with these reflections on the wall of a building and shot several images of them. I wish I had a time lapse of them marching along the wall and morphing as they went. After lunch, we were off to Prague.

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