Alaska Fly Fishing

Posted on May 7, 2014


A few years ago, my house burned down, and after, I went to AK to fish for a while, basically putting everything I owned or could borrow in my luggage. I have recorded that adventure, or at least it’s repercussions, ad infinitum, here, here, and here. This is the last picture I took before going to bed, a 1:30 AM sunset, the night the island flooded:


Every time I go to Alaska, I’m sure I’m not coming back. The way Alaska celebrates the individual over society is inebriating for people like me. It’s New England on steroids, with room. Nobody judges you. Everybody has a story. I went up there with my friend Justin Crump who was part of the Angling Exploration Group (along with Ryan Davey), of which I was a stakeholder, The work they did founded the Fly Fishing Film Tour. I’m both proud of that association and severely disappointed that the work those young men did achieved such wide acclaim, yet none of them benefited financially from it. The world is a screwed up place, and when you can take no more, Alaska beckons.

All of this was shot on Ektacrhome, the last frame of which was processed shortly after these were shot. (This pretty much enforced the move to digital for color imagery.) Due to the story in the link above, all of my film got wet, and I have never invested to get the scans cleaned up.

This picture:

Was the precursor to this picture for which I hiked several hours on the tundra over bear trails to get on B&W film:217144_1922976266664_1888276_n
Speaking of bears, this was the print I found outside my tent 3′ from my head when I woke up one morning:

Welcome to the food chain.

And this is one of, if not the, largest fish I ever caught. Since I’d lost all of my Spey rods in the fire, but had my flies in my car, I was trolling them behind the raft between runs, much to Justin’s chagrin. That’s when I hooked this Dolly. Whenever I come across the image, I always think it’s a silver until I see the spots. IE, that is a trout, not a salmon.  That great hair is the result of a week of daily DEET dosages. It took me the whole week to learn how to pose and take fish pictures.


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