Germany Trip 3: Prague, Reggensburg, Kloster Weltenburg

Posted on May 11, 2014


I just realized I never posted the rest of the trip that I took with my father and one of my best friends, Bernard Hymmen.
I posted Part 1 here, and Part 2 here. In the latter part of the trip I let Bernard shoot color while I mostly focused on B&W. That and I was down to my macro and my 12-24mm zoom. We spent 3 days in Prague, including going to some interesting micros, and having dinner at a monastery/brewery in in the palace, which we went back to later during the day time. From there and other places (I walked around on the hotel roofs for a while one day), I was amazed that all you could see was roofs and courtyards, there wasn’t any bare or unoccupied dirt in the city. I would wander the streets until 2 or 3 in the morning. It is a place you should see. On the way we swung by Pilsen and visited Urquell, who still triple decoct 3 times a day. This was our trip to Mecca.   you have not had beer until you’ve had Urquell at the brewery. Walking in the tunnels below where they used to lager the beers in huge hogheads was also pretty cool.

That night we also had a few pints at Reggensberg in a pub that had existed for 1100 years, and I couldn’t keep mine open for 3. I looked around and wanted to know every story of ever patron.  Our hotel window opened on to the Danube and a channel ran beneath the bar. I went out in the morning and saw a hover of brown trout sitting there under the window.

The last night there we had dinner and went to a concert at this incredible monastic brewery Kloster Weltenburg that has been brewing since 1050 AD, and they are getting pretty good at it. There was a big festival going on, but these people shared their table and we had a few doppelbocks before going to the concert in the chapel built into the cliff. I really wish I’d take time to photograph the place because it had the most intense art I’ve ever seen, with a 2-storey statue of St. George where you would expect the cross (in fact, there were no crucifixes in the building), many references to the Black Madonna, a depiction of the Muses, and an image of the White Madonna in North America. But by then, I was pretty wiped out. I’ve looked for a book on the building but so far have found nothing. Bernard’s stunning images of it are here. After that we drove back to Munich to spend a few hours in a motel outside the airport and took off in the morning.

I just want to thank Bernard and his wife Renee who put together a trip no travel agent could do, to give me and my dad the experience of a life time and a life time of experiences. All he ever talks about is “When we can go back?”

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