Port Gamble Memorial Day Car Show

Posted on June 1, 2014


On the way to Port Townsend, we passed through Port Gamble, a little town I always mean to stop in (there is a church there that is begging for me to swing by with the tilt-shift). A car show was just starting to form and we swung through for 15 min while I took some pictures. I wanted to ask some questions about the two-tone pink Merc, but we might as well have been ghosts for all of the attention the people paid to us. For just the few cars that were there it was shaping up to be a pretty eclectic show, from rat rods to open wheeled racers; modern drags to classic Detroit sleds. I was hoping it would still be going on when we came back on Sunday, but unfortunately, by then the field was full of Citroens. Who names a car “lemon” is what I want to know? So we ambled on to the ferry, where I considered fishing from the beach.

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