2014 Big Rock Car Show

Posted on June 8, 2014


On my hot rod, I think I would have clouds in place of flames.

As I’ve shot 100s of car images (so many that I actually added them as a category today), I find that I’m drawn more to abstraction and bits of color than I am necessarily to documenting a particular car, for which I prefer B&W. This was my first chance to shoot with my rebuilt 18-200 mm lens which had a screw come off inside it while I was in Germany.

I did actually land a photo shoot from one of these cars today. For years I’ve been saying I need a card to land some shoots where the cars are not parked 3′ apart and I can be far enough away where every image is not a reflected self portrait. That, and bringing a 4′ step ladder. Next time, for sure.

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