Fish Eye Guy Photography

Posted on June 13, 2014


No, that is not my photo

I don’t normally promote other artists, but that’s mostly because so few just absolutely make me go “wow, I wish I had been there with the eye and the skills to get that shot.” Face it, we are inundated with all of the content out there these days; I’ve heard that more pictures have been taken on the iPhone than in all photography previously. While I definitely have strong feelings about that, whether it is even photography at all (see Digitography), occasionally I see or am reminded of some truly excellent work. One such is Fish Eye Guy (Pat Clayton) who has both a website and now a blog,  showcasing his fish, ski, and landscape images. My trout friends have long shared his photos, but recently another conservation-minded friend posted one of his images to my fb page. He is one of those those image makers who has totally mastered the technical details of  his art, while also creating his own unique style. He is the only person I’ve yet seen who can photograph a fish and capture the poetry and majesty that exists in even the humblest trout. Nobody is taking the images he is taking and in this world where every image has been taken, that alone would make his work notable. But the fact that he exposes this world that we are forever seeking, yet are only tangentially able to visit (for isn’t that part of the reason we travel the rivers, always wondering what is beneath the world we know?), it transcends art. It  uses art in its very highest and noblest sense to motivate us to protect and conserve this fragile world we may never of otherwise be aware of. So yet another reason to support Pat and follow his adventures. I will definitely buy a print, as soon as I can decide on which one, something I’ve been laboring over for a long time now.

And, his ski photos are enough to make me want to get back into it. Bridger anybody?

Fish Eye Guy site

Fisheyeguy site

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