Northwest Brewing News Vancouver Column

Posted on June 22, 2014


Blast from the Past

My friend is moving and sorting stuff and came up with this, back when I used to write a column on beer, traipsing from Alaska to San Francisco and writing it all off. Ah, those were the days. That was a great trip, and the last time I was over the border, actually. What I love about it though is that they first mangled one of my sentences to the point where I cannot remember what I was trying to say, and then made a pull quote out of it… Oh, Alan, how I miss your editorial input.  (If you click on the image, it will open large enough to read.)img022
P.S. Who Are You and Where are You From?

Who is visiting me from the Ukraine?

WordPress gives me these awesome reports and I can see how people find me, where they live, how they found the blog, what pages they visited. I see people from Europe, Asia, South America, and I always wonder who they are. I would love to get comments from you!

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