Sundays with Mauro

Posted on September 14, 2014


I  Had a Plan

Our last trip, I wanted to go to Jack’s Pass and fish the North Fork of the Sky. Instead we parked where the road washed out, and waded up to the other side, the side we would hit if we had driven another 45 minutes. I did it a few days later without Mauro and iturns out the wading and the driving take the same amount of time, but you get more fishing if you drive.

On that day, Mauro had caught 6 fish before I even tied a fly on. But, I was determined to skate big dries that day for big fish and stuck to my plan. I finally found one run and enticed one fish, but it wasn’t the Disney on Ice skate-fest I had envisioned. We did meet a local fishing with his kid who gave me a fly box he’d found and said he’d caught 2 steelhead the day before, further upstream (toldyasotoldyasotoldyaso).

Mauro Had a Plan

Friday Mauro decided that if we we left here at 5AM we could be go to the Yakima river in Eastern Washington and be done by 1. That’s closer to when I go to bed than when I get up, but I agreed.  Besides, I know he had a lot of success during the hopper hatch and I always feel that I should really learn to dry fly fish and this is the state’s blue-ribbon stream.  We were on the water by 6:30, despite that fact that two full-grown men heading into the dessert for the day don’t have the sense to wear coats, as soon as the sun came up we forgot our discomfort. Forgoing my best intentions, I tied on a tiny brown Hornberg. I mean, you can fish it dry.  I actually figured we had timed this backward, coming in when the water was cold and leaving when the hatches started, so I decided to fish what worked for me until Mauro started hooking up and then he could show me how to do it. I bet Mauro I would take the first fish, and I did, tossing my fly in some back channel log jam. And then I took 10 more. For a while I was getting bumped every cast or so, and I won’t lie, I caught a few 3″ smolts, but I caught more 10-14″ fish. I also won’t lie that I didn’t really feel bad about fishing ahead of Mauro until I hit double digits. It seems  that dry fly fishing stuff takes a lot of time and you are always tying on flies. Again we hit a back channel and again I caught a nice fish, not the nicest I hooked, but the nicest I landed. All of the fish I hooked were marked up like kids in clown makeup, but this one was Kaleidoscopic in hues.

By then I had finally lost my fly in the bushes on a backcast no less, but I was fine with that, as I finally got my stop back and had really been enjoying the casting as much as the fishing, putting them all the way across the river and tight to the bank with a lot of line out to do so.  So I switched to the other fly, the muddler, and started cleaning up on that too.

When I lost that fly, I was a little relieved as we were bushwhacking back and, as I glibly remarked “It’s easier without a fly on.” I was not so glib when we got back to the top of the run and found out that the top of my custom Dan Craft 10′ 5wt had not made the trip with us. Again. Crap. I’m slowly replacing that rod piece-by-piece. Still, I have a closet full of rods and while that ended the day a little early, we had gone to a new place and had been successful, my cast was back, and although I didn’t learn to use dry flies, I didn’t really need to – yet.

No deep insights, I’m just glad whenever a plan comes together, especially somebody else’s plan that took no input from me other than showingup. It must be Oktoberfest somewhere, I think I’ll crack the keg.

P.S. Who Are You and Where are You From?

Who is visiting me from the Ukraine?
Who is visiting me from the Ukraine?

WordPress gives me these awesome reports and I can see how people find me, where they live, how they found the blog, what pages they visited. I see people from Europe, Asia, South America, and I always wonder who they are. I would love to get comments from  you! Kind of like a WordPress stamp album.