Daniel Webster Birthplace

Posted on September 24, 2014


“I Prefer to Die before I’m Buried”

– Daniel Webster when he was offered the Vice Presidency

This blog is really a family effort: my Dad is doing the talking, my nephew took the video, and my sister took the pictures.

New England is rich with history and historical places seem to be around every corner. When he isn’t shooting fireworks, my dad’s job is to caretake Daniel Webster’s birthplace on weekends from Memorial Day to Columbus day.  When I’m home I try to keep him company and play cribbage between visitors, as will my sister who packs a mean picnic. My mom will do stuff like come out and reglaze all the windows. Behind the house runs Punch Brook, a stream that Webster often fished and which I have also walked on occasion. The trails along it were worn into the rock by Native Americans millennia ago. It’s a hallowed place.
A few years ago I heard my dad give his spiel and I was quite impressed with all of the research he had done. Plus I’ve always liked his presentation. Some of my earliest memories are of my dad reading to us as a kid, whether “The Brownie Book;” or poems like “Gunga Din,” “Charge of the Light Brigade,” or “The Raven.”

It’s the best 15 minute history lesson you will get all day.  Webster tried many supreme court cases, and in his talk, my dad discusses some case law that Webster worked on that is still very valid today. If you are in the area, stop by, tell him I sent you.



An ancient apple tree I shot behind the Daniel Webster birthplace after one beautiful Christmas storm.

Some shots my sister took. What’s with all of the locks, huh? What did they have in that 2-room cabin?

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