Mycological Macros

Posted on November 14, 2014


Doncha love the wrinkles on the edges of that shot?

Fly Aminitas

The other day, I was helping my friend Bernard out with a project and went to a local strip mall to run an errand at lunch. There was a huge bunch fly aminatas (aka toadstools, aka aminata muscaria). I was recently on a board where people were debating whether these were edible or not,  and it came down to some semantic argument of whether or not they were toxic. People were arguing that since they weren’t deadly  toxic, they were – in fact – edible. They are definitely pyschoactive, and the Native American Shamans would build up a tolerance to them and the rest of the tribe would drink their urine. Also, I’ve heard that while they may not kill you, they will give you a 3-day migraine. I never really researched it too much because to me, toxic does equal inedible, and I only focus on easily identified delectable mushrooms. All the rest are mere intellectual curiosities and my brain is mostly too full to put any more non-actionable information into it these days.  They are, however, completely photogenic.  I forget what the brownish mushrooms are, as they are ubiquitous, but inedible.

Bernard whipped out his digitography device and got a stellar shot. I was chagrined as my digitography device was tethered to my computer from my last shoot.  But today I as I was out running errands I decided to swing by and get some of my own digigraphs. I played a little with DOF, it’s always more extreme on the computer than through the camera. Still haven’t quite dialed that in yet.

I did notice a disturbing number of dead crows in the environs. Not sure if they are related to the non-toxic mushrooms or not. Click on any image to start a slide show.


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