Back to the Darkroom

Posted on March 22, 2015


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If you follow this blog, it might not look like I’ve been busy, but actually the truth is the opposite. I’ve been  taking a lot of pictures, most of them digitally because my RB67 started having issues on me in the middle of a shoot. The problem is, while I understand B&W film post processing, I don’t understand digital post as all, and I’ve been very unhappy with the shots and don’t have the time to deal with them. I’ve also been developing and printing a lot of other peoples’ work. And, on top of that I made a concerted effort to write a novel this year, which I’m 20,000 or so words into. And, yet, if I look at my numbers, I’m still getting hits here every day, so now that I’ve reached some kind of critical mass, I’ll try to clear my backlog and get back into posting.


At any rate, my friend Kelly is quite the photographer and takes great images with her DSLR, but she wanted to learn more about how to use it. This was a great opportunity for me to check off one of my many projects, to populate my kitchen with food shots. I quickly set up a little “studio” in my kitchen (where most of my macro work is done). In preparation for this moment, I had gone shopping for a piece of black velvet, but could only find felt. In the end I liked it very much. It was very reminiscent of the “scratchy” background of Edward Weston’s iconic image Pepper No. 30, which was actually placed inside a metal funnel to get that effect.


I didn’t work very hard to drape it because I didn’t realize how much detail would come through. It was just an experiment. It was a good one though, at least 3 out of the 10 shots on the roll are print-worthy, and I’ve been slamming them out in the darkroom, dialing in the cropping and filtration on 4×6  in preparation for making some 16×20 prints. I’m fascinated by how very different they are if you reverse them out.  I include the eggshells here not because they are print worthy, but because they were an interesting failure.

Spoiler Alert:

Part of my darkroom time and making of these 4×6 images is an unabashed social experiment. I’m going to build up a catalog of 4×6 images and send them to people who share my posts on social media.  So if you really like any of this stuff, you can own a copy.

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