Deception Pass

Posted on April 20, 2015


Chasing Ghosts

It’s been  20 years since I was last at Deception Pass. The bridge there is famous for a Reebok ad shot by Greg Stump and Glen Plake, with Glen bungy jumping off the bridge in a pair of Reeboks, only the sneakers coming back. That day, while Rhonda and I were standing on the bridge, our friend Jim Bailey died racing motorcycles at Seattle International Raceway. I think Glen would’ve liked Jim – kindred spirits – but then, everybody liked Jim.


I vowed to never go back. But other more recent events have convinced me to focus on the ever-shortening future, instead of the ever lengthening past, so yesterday when my friend Gina suggested it, I went with misgivings. When I saw the aquamarine water and the point I reached for my rod, but I had not a single fly in the car.
I find taking pictures of majestic, awe-inspiring places can be difficult. Unless you have light or something to do them justice, the sense of scale and dynamism is just lost. I spent some time with some macros and the rocks which spoke to me of fascinating prehistoric shellfish. But I admit, the spirits which were moving me were not those of photography.

It was a nice walk with a good friend. I think just maybe I’ll go back there again sometime soon. Run with the big dogs, Jim.