Crooked Doors of Woodstock Vt.

Posted on December 31, 2015


And a Few Other Shots of Note

One of my most popular posts of 2015 was 99 Crooked Doors of Portsmouth,  shot while I was walking around helping my sister on her book on Portsmouth, NH. Well, this year she is working on a book on Woodstock VT. (In between, having already published her and my mom’s book on Concord Through Time.) Woodstock is one of those “quintessential” New England towns, perhaps a little too quintessential as somewhere along the way the Rockefellers go involved and the town square is ringed with those kind of mini-mansions you could easily see yourself retiring into, especially as a trout stream runs dead center through it, complete with not one, but two, covered bridges. As one of the locals said, “We get a lot of second-housers.” And yet, the town doesn’t seem overly diminished by this. The shops are nice without being pretentious, and even if the local plates make up only 1:5 of the cars you see, the attitude is still all Vermont. And absolutely everything is photo-worthy.  We carefully planned to get there the day after the storm for the best images, but of course it was snowing, the light was perfectly flat, and I was shooting a borrowed camera.

Beth, on the left

Beth, on the left

Somehow in between shooting the doors, I managed to get a few for the book, which is amazing because her camera also shoots crooked! Anyway, this will be my last post for the year, so Happy New Year!