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Posted on May 18, 2016


While I’m a bit off of my pace to do a blog a week (217 published/250 theoretical = 87%), I have actually produced more original content this year than all other years combined.  So if the goal was to write, then that goal has been met. The stories I’ve finished each take me about a month of writing during lunch, after my second job at night, on weekends, etc. Compare this to even a relatively long blog post like The Writing of Destroying Angel, 3600 words which I cranked out at lunch one day. The fiction certainly takes longer. I also hope it is more worthwhile. Here is the recap of my energies for the last year.

  • In addition to the non-fiction and photos I posted, I have also published about 17,000 words of new fiction here:  The Last Out (3600 words,) The Snob (8000 words),  Don’t Tell Lucille (6000 words which also got published in the Fly Fish Journal), and Rewind (4500 Words ).
  • Destroying Angel (at another hefty 17000 words), is ready, but  competition rules prevent me from publishing here at the moment. I started researching that story over Christmas, rolled ideas around in my head in March, and basically worked on it every single day in April. I had some withdrawal when I was done, for sure. I cannot wait to share it. Preferably in the Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine. 😉
  • Add to that stories I haven’t finished: Boa, my novel (50,000 w); Fishing the Dorian Gray (~10,000 w); and The Forest God (~10,000 w). Those are all the word counts so far on each of them.
  • Then there are all of the stories I’ve outlined, including a universe which ties together all of the stories in You Didn’t Know Me Then. (Something that dawned on me unexpectedly which I am super excited about.) That’s one thing WordPress is really good for: I can open it almost anywhere and put a draft post up with a story idea. More and more, I’m writing directly here, in the blog.
  • Several other short stories novels and series.
  • The three dozen or so blog drafts (39 actually as of today) for here which are almost done, like oooh I just need one more picture and it will be done….Which explains the rash of posts every year around this time. The series on storycrafting started out as a single 60pp document that I wrote a year ago and have only this week started to edit down (at the expense of any other work).
  • My blog on LinkedIn where I lampoon Agile.
  • White papers I write for Microsoft on the side.
  • Blogs, website, newsletters, a recipe book, and two user manuals for my store Raw Vegan Source (the site is a mess, sorry, that’s what I get for hiring it out, please come to the store, it’s a huge goal of mine to fix that this summer, too).
  • Speaking of Raw Vegan Source, I also moved the store to a new location this year and work there at least one day a week.
  • After three years, three thousand dollars, and three designers I have taken over designing and importing Fly Fishing in the Russian Far East into InDesign so that after 8 years we can finally publish the 400+ pp book (which I have already made over 6 edit passes on). By the way this requires indexing it, learning InDesign running a Kickstarter campaign, specifying the book , finding a publisher and fulfillment house, and designing – if not running – the marketing. That all has to happen in the next few months.
  • Two books for my sister that I shot photos and did editing for (so we can get back to our children’s series).
  • Throw in an unplanned house remodel.
  • Oh, I also became partners on a new brewpub.

I need a Project Manager for my life. I really do.

I really thought that this year I would finish the draft of my novel and publish two of my novellas on Amazon. I have the stories, the covers, everything but the time. Let’s hope that I finish my remodel, the store does well, and that Mikhail’s book is in your hands by the end of this calendar year. Then, I can maybe concentrate on my own publishing goals. Maybe, I’ll even get back into the darkroom before they stop making the chemicals.

Somehow, even though I have been ignoring this blog and my readers, I still have maintained critical mass of about 10,000 visits a year. It definitely has plateaued off this year, but I so appreciate all of the people who come, visit, pass through, and return. Especially those who take the time to sign up to comment, share, and like. If you want to help any artist out, please take the 30s or so to register for their blog and like and share their content on social media. I never would’ve gotten published if the good folks at Gink & Gasoline hadn’t done that for me. Really. You don’t have to do it for me, but the next time you see a blog you like, please do it for them. This is why we write. You are our marketing division, so please, please share our stuff!

And Yes, Once Black, and the Snake Between My Legs still get hit every day being number 9 and 19, respectively in total lifetime hits. It turns out descriptive names like “How to Shoot a Roll of Film for the Zone System” are much likely to get opened and read when posted. Oddball or dirty titles are much likely to get found through search engines.



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