2017 Fourth of July Focus Blur

Posted on July 10, 2017


That may or may not be a metaphor.

This year was a crazy year with barely a minute to think. Sandy’s party came together at the last minute and off to Rye we went.

Last year, I meant to try focus blurring, but instead made up aperture blurring, which never was a thing and still isn’t.  You’d think after f’ing this up once I wouldn’t f it up twice. But as usual, I was going to actually light off the show, then gave that up, borrowed a camera and tried to remember a distant memory of a blog, which I cannot even find at the moment. So, as a result, I messed it up once again, in yet another way, confusing zooming with focusing. We wont go into details. Also, this totally requires a tripod, as my quick test shots of the full moon attest.

This is what they should’ve looked like. Next year for sure, as I don’t think there are any more ways I can screw this up. Although, I’m still not sure it will work as well with Class C as Class B fireworks. Anyway this is what we got. Despite my many, many failings as a photographer and human being,  I still managed to get a few with a glimmer of potential:

And the rest could at best be considered randomly interesting space amoebas on acid, but I leave them here for your perusement.

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