2017 Eclipse and Mt Hood

Posted on August 23, 2017


The eclipse trip came together in a wham-bam sort of way.  I ordered the appropriate 10 stop ND filter, twice, including trying to have it come to Government Camp at Mt. Hood where we were staying and it never showed. The night before I made 8 pinhole cameras in a flurry of activity. We spent a few days in Govy and made a few pilgrimages up the mountain, where I practiced things like “Live View” from various photography blogs. In addition to my white balance being fubar, there is also a softness in the clouds I cannot explain. And while I took probably over 100 pictures of the eclipse at all kinds of settings, only one of them made it to the card, and when I went to post process them I got all kinds of EXIF errors. It may be time to toss that camera. At any rate, here were a few salvageable shots.

If you look at the shots of Adams, you can see fire smoke in the bottom right corner.

Still hold hopes for the pinholes.