Snohomish 35th Anniversary Car Show

Posted on September 24, 2017


I went to the Snohomish Classic Car Show for the first time in a decade. I used to spend all day at these and shoot them on film. Due to time constraints, I’ve gotten incredibly lazy and have only done digital lately, but every time I convert one to B&W, I’m like “Ah, this is what B&W is all about.” Not only is the dynamic range made for this stuff, as soon as I convert a photo, design details just pop out. What is lurid and over-saturated in digital color (especially red), becomes once again iconic. I’m very interested in your take on this. In most cases I posted both versions.

Lots of cool Mopars, which is why I go. There must’ve been half a dozen Darts and even a Charger 500. One Superbird. In the sake of time, I actually skipped cars I’ve shot in the past. I saw this huge staggered carburetor manifold on the Mopar big blocks I’ve never seen before and shot it on two cars. I did see an Offenhauser-powered MGB which has got to get some kind of twisted vision award.

As always, the Batman angles are less about creativity than cropping out undesirable elements. The proximity of people and cars makes getting great shots in the time allotted a bit of a task. However, the one thing proximity does give is great hubcap reflections which I dwelt on not a little. I didn’t switch to my 12mm lens until the very end. Which maybe I should’ve done sooner as I thought it was my camera that is eating batteries (3 today!), but am  now thinking maybe its the lens. Need to get that battery pack back from Beth.

And, once again, I decided I didn’t have time to bring a 4′ step ladder to get some truly unique shots. However, whilst rolling around on the ground for one shot,  I was approached and asked if I might like to post some of my shots on the group’s FB page. I guess people with iPhones don’t roll around. Or maybe they have an app for that, because I know for a fact that the average cell phone takes better pictures than my DSLR.

As always, I wish I could do a shoot with each of these cars in a setting that did not dictate the angles I could use. Also, I would pray for overcast days, because the contrast today was merciless.  So if any of these cars are yours, and you want some shots, please leave a comment and let’s make some art.

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