Nearly 200 Crooked Doors of Portsmouth

Posted on January 6, 2018


It’s been a while since I posted, mostly because my short stories keep turning into novellas. I do have 50 drafts I need to finish, and I thought I would start with this one while it’s still timely.

My sister and I did our annual trip to Portsmouth where we walk around Portsmouth and I snap pictures of doors, always hoping to “someday” spend some real time doing it. She has a nice camera with one of my old lenses which is super soft and slow, so I brought home one of my good Canon lenses, but of course forgot to bring it along. We brought my dads new camera and her old point and shoot, but his ran out of batteries, so I ended up just borrowing the card because in 2 hours I took 30M of shots! Elizabeth has written a book about Portsmouth, so I always learn new things as we strolled around, like this chimney on Sheafe St.

On this day it was about 7F, and the wind was blowing. Just warm enough I didn’t need gloves.  After about 2 hours I’d filled all of the memory cards and I figure everybody has seen these doors multiple times anyway. However, we went over to New Castle and there is definitely a blog’s worth of doors there.

No corner is too remote

No door is too mean

Some are grand, most are old, the architecture fascinates me. All are crooked.

I was a kid, I had this “Doors of Dublin” poster in my room. So I always thought a Portsmouth poster would be a very cool thing to have.