Posted on May 6, 2018


Before they imploded the King Dome to fritter our tax money on other unnecessary sporting venues the never-original Seattle came up with the name “SoDo” for the gritty, light industrial area south of the King Dome. I guess it’s better than one of the previous monikers: Hooverville, named after the shanty town slum that grew up here during the Depression. (The area is also home to the term Skid Row.) In a way, some things have not much changed. Whiletech giants  such as Amazon and retail kings such as Starbucks have moved in, they have not effectively moved anybody else out. The neighborhood is an alternating series of marble/granite and marijuana shops. The only housing is broken down RVs and other vehicles the homeless live in along the alleyways, vying for parking with the high tech usurper’s employees. Every day, I park here and slog my way to sit in a cubicle no less depressing in its way than an RV, and every day I pass things I think might make a good picture. Finally, after years I found myself down here on a weekend, camera in hand, and spent a half an hour or so snapping shots away. There were many shots on my list I did not make, but rather than have yet another draft blog, I thought I might just punch this one out. When I first looked at the images in color I was astonished at how uninteresting they were. Black and white was truly the medium for the day.