I Want Teal Waders!

Posted on May 17, 2018


Somewhere along the line some genius figured out that instead of just having women model fly fishing gear for men to ogle and buy it, that maybe they should actually market fly fishing gear to women. Being how smart this is, it must’ve been a woman who came up with it.

I’m kind of pissed about this, frankly, because women get cool things like teal waders with pink and purple accent colors and boots and accoutrements to match while I’ll have to stuff myself into army green waders for the rest of my life.  Unless, that is,  I want to venture into camo or the new cool, black waders. I want teal waders! Or at least a nice autumn-orange brown. What about blue? Or my favorite color, purple? Okay, aubergine. I want Derek DeYoung backpacks, but I don’t see them on dude sites.

Seriously though, whereas fly fishing seemed not so long ago to be a pursuit of affluent, cigar-puffing white guys, there has been some democratization in the short time I’ve been watching it. Sure, it’s mostly still white, but first the trout bums brought the ski bum whole live-in-your-car-eat-from-dumpster mentality to it, and then – finally – the women started showing up. Or at least being rewarded for showing up.

Which is cool for me because I now have women asking me to build rods for them, but instead of Seahawks themes (insert Bill the Cat gif), I get to use some interesting colors and do some elaborate designs. My friend Amber even did a bunch of Pintrest research and showed up with sketches, ordered her own thread and feathers, and approved test wraps.

It’s also cool because the world needs more happy, outdoorsy women. I even figured out how to do one rod in lace on a pink blank.


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