RTC Exotics Show

Posted on May 26, 2018


It took me 10 years to finally get to visit this and I have to say, it’s so overwhelming, it’s underwhelming. Two weeks ago, I’d never seen a Mclaren, today I saw twelve side-by-side. It was like the time I went to the beach at Cannes and saw 7000 topless women. The act of going from rare to ubiquitous dashed the Great American Breast fetish in merely a few moments. The only difference is 10 minutes at the beach and a woman was asking me to oil her back, but nobody has ever asked me to touch their supercar. Also, while these are the epitome of engineering, even the ones with open hoods you cannot actually see the engines, so my inner geek was not as salved as at a muscle car show where I know make, model, year, history and everything is as exposed as well, a topless woman at Cannes. Of course, maybe it’s just envy….