2018 Doovall Daze Car Show

Posted on June 25, 2018


A Study in Opposites:

39 Color vs. B&W Comparisons, the Snap Judgement Blog

Besides the teeth counting contest, the car show is probably the only redeemable part of Doovall Daze, a weekend every spring where the town mothers and fathers create a traffic jam in an attempt to impede business even further and force you to use the new mile of sidewalk it took over a year to install.
While I was a bit burnt out car show-wise and this is the least of shows, when you are living in a Twilight Zone episode where you cannot leave town, it seemed like a way to kill time while waiting for cow pie bingo (thanks Ben).

I was therefore somewhat pleasantly surprised when I finally got bored enough to process the images that I shot more out of duty than interest that I actually got some good shots. As always, it is a war of color vs. B&W, much as Doovall is a war of boomers who want the dairy and BBQ joint “not to smell,” and the locals who want their wide spot in the road to remain as backward and characterless as it ever was in its vast 100 year history. I literally have relatives older and less cantankerous than this town.

I love it when I can line up similar cars like images in reflecting mirrors receding in the distance.  While the B&W reflects the stripe like they are part of some crazy wood siding, the orange stripe in the color give it the nod in this pairing. And the vertical awning stripe along the hip of the back fender. Get out of here. He should go home and paint that right on there. Didn’t Dusters have a stripe like that?

I just love me my Dodges. Here color does nothing for the image, but in B&W the sky and the parking lot both take on texture and nicely frame the image.

I’d never heard of this bike but ran into a friend I hadn’t seen in 20 years who made me go look at it. Some rare, custom Honda whose brand I promptly forgot. In the B&W the background becomes much less distracting and the swoopiness comes out. Look at that radiator and the reflections in the paint.
No idea why there is no B&W of this.

You gotta love this lens. Here, the reflection is the shot and the B&W just rips it up.


I’ve shot this car so many times. That is the “million dollar grin” which I think puts it in the ’49-’51 range. You don’t even notice the stripes on the hood until you see it in B&W and then it looks like a Van Gogh. But metal, especially chrome, just screams to be shot in B&W. Hands down, no color necessary.

Some more shots of this car:

Here is a shot I didn’t even bother to load the color version.
That right front fender looks like a banshee coming out of the clouds. This car is about a decade older than I even though they made El Caminos. Check out the air induction through the grill. Is that trick or what?  While that neutral gray in the B&W looks smmooooth, the oxidized hot rod yellow is just too cool not to love the color version.

Here the B&W looks like line art. And even though in my apathy I still manged to get a good reflection in the color shot, I didn’t really notice it until the B&W.  What could possibly look better in B&W than a B&W car? (Okay, it’s navy, but still…) Look at the stripe on that quarter panel.

Ambivalent on this shot. I though the Batman angle would sell it better.

I do like when you can line up the colorful cars and not have the background be distraction. I find it interesting that the flames look better in B&W, though. More poppy.

I don’t care which version. The lens makes this shot in either. I love the framing of the people behind it and the little face above the ‘T’ in TRIUMPH, like come celestial being has come to visit.

Same here, the reflections going on around OLDSMOBILE work in any scheme. Have a like-colored truck in the background is nice for the color version.
Not even close. That sky reflection looks like a flame job in B&W.

I love the British racing green, but the B&W shot seems so classic. Here is a weird thing:
I bet I have a dozen shots like this where I’ve come in tight on some hood ornament, every thing is crisp except the ornament itself, which looks like it’s coalescing from a different dimension.  This happens so often, I bet I could repeat it on purpose. Thoughts?

This shot best reflects the ambivalence with which I took it.
I don’t know why, I just think “Batmobile” when I see this. Clearly color is irrelevant.
Smooth neutral gray carries the shot again.

Honestly, I never gave the sky two thoughts when shooting this show, but basically that is all that makes this image even worth posting.

I’m going to give this to the color version, but I would’ve probably missed the huge V8 symbol on the grille if I hadn’t converted it.
You need the color to sell the plate, but holy, look at at that grille.

When is the flea-counting competition going to start, anyway?  Meh.

I shot this car because I want to know more about it. The heads say Offenhauser, and I want to know is that the engine or just the head? Shot it 3 times now but have never run into the owner.

If you can get them tight enough, the color seems less of an issue. In the first “pose” I like how the red cars fade away in one direction and how the sky makes this convergence in the other. But I missed the reflection in the fender. Either way, smashing car. Looks like it’s going 200MPH sitting still.
Anybody need a 302 V8 motorcycle? Of course nobody needs one, but conceptually…hubba.  I always wondered how you countered the Right Hand Rule to keep from changing lanes every time you hit the gas on these things. One of my speed racing friends made one of these as a project in his engineering class at Western and last I knew hew as going into business, but I haven’t seem him for a while. Seriously though, get a vanity plate for this beast.

Even the primer looks better in B&W.

I do love that they line these Chevy’s up every year. Looking at these fins is like a model year test, can you say which fin belongs to which year? Well, you should be able to. Since they are color coordinated, I will have to give color the nod here.

I give this one B&W all the way just because that pink and purple is so garish they’d kick it out of the Pride parade. The car next to it was, I believe, the cover shot for my Snohomish show blog last year. Might’ve been in my Everett post from this year too.

When you can line them up like this, color wins.

I hear Don Felder singing “Heavy Metal, Metal” in my head right now.

Drive it on up and let’s cruise a while
Leave your troubles far behind
You can hedge your bet on a clean Corvette
To get you there right on time
Now if you’re ready to dive into overdrive
Baby, the green lights are on
It’s like you’re running your brain on some high octane
Every time she reaches fully blown

Won’t you take that ride on heavy metal?
It’s the only way that you can travel down that road
Satisfied on heavy metal
Baby won’t you ride, ride it until it explodes

Heavy metal

My oh my, how this lady can fly
Once she starts rollin’ beneath you
You know you just can’t lose, the way she moves
You wait for her to finally release you
It’s not a big surprise to feel your temperature rise
You’ve got a touch of redline fever
‘Cause there is just one cure that we know for sure
You just become a heavy metal believer
Won’t you take that ride on heavy metal?
It’s the only way that you can travel down that road
Satisfied on heavy metal
Baby won’t you ride, ride it until it explodes

Heavy metal

Heavy metal
Heavy metal

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