2019 140ish Crooked Doors of Portsmouth and New Castle, NH

Posted on January 11, 2019


As has been the custom for the last several years, my sister, Elizabeth, and I re-immersed ourselves in our cultural history by walking around the timeless city Portsmouth and it Strawbery Banke (sic – I always wanted to use that) neighborhood in NH. This year there were two new additions, we brought Amber and we also went to the adjoining village of New Castle. Because of this, while there are not quite so many of the old, there are quite a few of the new. It had snowed before Amber and I came East, but then it rained it all away. I almost didn’t post because without the snow on the wreaths, it just doesn’t seem the same. But, there is something in knowing that some traditions still exist. Also for some reason, Portsmouth just did not seem as festive this year. I don’t know, maybe the Family Values party leadership has just not trickled down into this bastion of Yankeedom. Or, maybe it has. At any rate, enough digression, I know people look forward to this, and it’s taken me too long to post.

And as always, if Portsmouth tickles your fancy, please check out Elizabeth’s book on the subject. Many of these houses are discussed in more detail in the book, including the one on the cover!


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