2019 Olympus Rally, Part II – What Amber Saw

Posted on May 17, 2019


Why two parts, you ask?

Simple, because after taking hundreds of shots (I personally took 700) for the event, and looking at them on our cameras, Amber who had been standing quietly and patiently behind us revealed that she had been videoing the entire event. Once we saw  these we were much chagrined, headsplapping when on, especially Bernard who has video on his DSLR. Once you see the videos you will understand why we go, and also even the best images (i.e. Bernard’s) are pale comparison. And, you probably wouldn’t have slogged through the photos! (Plus, I needed to figure it out.)
The best part of the videos though? Listening to Amber chuckle each time a car goes by. That’s why you should go with us next time!

As if it needed saying, all videos by Amber Mullen (C) 2019.