2019 Snohomish Car Show

Posted on October 3, 2019


I’ve not gotten to  many car shows this year. Today Amber graciously allowed us the time away from home stuff to take in the Snohomish show, probably because we combined it with a trip to the once good, now excellent, Andy’s Fish House. Given the iffy weather, I was surprised and happy to see the full show, even if it was a bit light on Mopars (although there were two sweet 340 cars…). As an added bonus, cloudy days always make better images, both to even out the light and for reflections and backgrounds.

While Amber is not so much a car nut, good design sense is omnivorous. She can geek out over a grill or headlight with the best of them. She even seems to get the innate blending of form and function in a well-detailed engine compartment. Our trip to the museum of flight with so many old engines having exposed push rods and valve trains also makes looking at a V8 a little more comprehensible. It turns out, she’s discovered an affinity for old Novas, in the Chevy II era. Fortunately, the closest she’s come to liking Fords is her discovery of the Shelby Cobra. And we both kind of loved the 401 AMX Javelin. A car I once had a hell of a ride in, so I can appreciate it from both sides – form and function. I know she wanted to caress that  front fender bump, same as I did.

Part of the drive to take the trip was to test out a new camera body, which I picked up so I can shoot videos for my new article series on fishing with brewers, vintners, and distillers. Hopefully that will get me out on the water more. Or drinking more. Unfortunately in my packing, unpacking, charging, and realizing that the new camera takes a different memory card than the old, I left my 12-24mm “car lens” on the dining room table, so I had to shoot all of this on my 28-200mm.

Having taken more than a few auto images, sometimes of the same cars over many different shows, I am always looking for something a little different. How many car pictures have I taken? Well, we were conversing with the owner of an immaculate Charger 500 with a black mirror of a paint job. He said “Yeah, one year some guy was taking pictures and I asked him if he liked the car, and he said, he was taking pictures of the reflections in the car.” To which Amber gave me the nod and said “That was him.” I don’t think the gold ol’ boy appreciated how his polish had created indirect art, so I’ll have to leave you to judge, because while they were talking, I was doing it again.


I also saw a car today I never even heard of, a Velie. Per wikipedia “According to the Official Velie Register, worldwide 230 Velies are known to exist as of 2010. In the year this car was made (1913), they only made a couple hundred. The company was started by a relative of the John Deere family, eventually they went on to make planes as well, backed by Charles Lindbergh, and sold the car company off to John Deere. How cool is that?

A few B&W, several by Amber. We both took the same chromed engine shot, but her slight change in perspective made her shot entirely better than mine:

As always, clicking any image will get you a slide show.