I will admit, this blog breaks a lot of blogging rules, being several blogs in one. While the recent posts have been mostly images, most of my posts tend to be article-length or story length. If I’ve done 150 posts at just 500 words each, that is 75,000 words, the bottom end of novel length fiction. Give me 1000 words/post and I would definitely have a book. I am prolific, just inconsistently applied.


In fact, I do have a good start on three books here, most of which go unnoticed as they are on separate pages which you need to access through the top navigation. If you are ever looking for something to read, I encourage you to look at them and please give me some feedback.

Please Like, Comment,  and Share!

This blog is how I get my fiction, essays, and images out there. I beg of you if you like a story or an article please Like it and/or Share it. It’s a few button clicks but it means everything to me. Thank you.
Here is a break down of things on my blog.

Fly Fishing

I’m writing a book of fly fishing short stories. The draft is under the  Still Falling tab at the top of the page. I sometimes post real adventures that I think will make good filler in the book. One of these stories was recently published on ginkandgasoline.

  • Under the Still Falling link are my flyfishing short stories and novellas.~44,000 words so far. They probably are not all reposted to that page, if you want more click Fiction or Still Falling on the right.
  • This is interspersed with other true stories of me bumbling around various rivers. If you want more click Fly Fishing on the right.

Other Fiction Writing

  • Under the You Didn’t Know Me Then link at the top of the page, you will find my oldest short stories, mostly science fiction and magic realism. I just recently started writing in this vein again with A Small, Sharp Blade. If you want more click Fiction   on the right.


NOTE:  I’m abashedly unapologetic about the B&W scans here. The scans are un-postprocessed bulk scans so that I can evaluate the negatives for printing. Unlike many digital photos they are not an end product, but merely a first step, a rough draft. 

I realized my Facebook page was largely a photography blog,  and since I’ve owned gointothelight.com for a while and never done anything with it, I figured this would be a good start.

My interests in photography is like my interest in music: while everybody else is rushing forward, I’m looking back. Although I have a DSLR,  I predominately work in medium format film photography, hoping to get consistent enough negatives to break out my 4×5 large format camera.

For me, photography is as much about the process as the product, so I’m exploring alternative processes and cameras to realize the images I have previsualized in my brain.  That said, I think the path the individual takes is largely only important to the individual and many of these musings apply to both analog and digital formats. I’m also sure other topics will creep in here from time to time.

  • On Photos of the Skykomish and Snoqualmie River Valley  and are some of the images are going to another collection/piece/show/book I’d like to do which I’m calling From the Mountains to the Sea, about the Skykomish/Snoqualmie river system. These are labeled some of the most endangered rivers in the country, yet everyday most of you drive right by the most amazing scenery on them.
  • If you want more click Photography or any of its subcategories on the right.

Thinking about it, if I wanted to, I could probably put together a treatise on getting started in B&W film photography, as well.

P.S. Who Are You and Where are You From?

Who is visiting me from the Ukraine?

WordPress gives me these awesome reports and I can see how people find me, where they live, how they found the blog, what pages they visited. I see people from Europe, Asia, South America, and I always wonder who they are. I would love to get comments from  you!





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  1. Hey john, just found your blog, good stuff. read a bunch the elwa and some others. Working at boeing now so i dont have much free time any more, plan on geting a mid week pass next wear so i can ski in the mornings before work. havent skied this year or last, its killing me!!!!!


    • I couldn’t seem to get motivated to ski at all this year. I hope the same doesn’t happen to fishing! Thanks for stumbling by. How did you find it, btw?


  2. Thanks for checking out my blog. I like the look of yours. Needs more fishing updates though. =)



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