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2018 Doovall Daze Car Show

June 25, 2018


A Study in Opposites: 39 Color vs. B&W Comparisons, the Snap Judgement Blog Besides the teeth counting contest, the car show is probably the only redeemable part of Doovall Daze, a weekend every spring where the town mothers and fathers create a traffic jam in an attempt to impede business even further and force you […]

2018 Cruizin’ on Colby

May 31, 2018


All Hot Rods Should Just be B&W I used to go to this show every year, hauling my medium format camera on a tripod for B&W and an SLR with slide film for color. Many of the earliest shots on here come from then.  I haven’t been so long, I almost forgot about it. Now, […]

RTC Exotics Show

May 26, 2018


It took me 10 years to finally get to visit this and I have to say, it’s so overwhelming, it’s underwhelming. Two weeks ago, I’d never seen a Mclaren, today I saw twelve side-by-side. It was like the time I went to the beach at Cannes and saw 7000 topless women. The act of going […]

Snohomish 35th Anniversary Car Show

September 24, 2017


I went to the Snohomish Classic Car Show for the first time in a decade. I used to spend all day at these and shoot them on film. Due to time constraints, I’ve gotten incredibly lazy and have only done digital lately, but every time I convert one to B&W, I’m like “Ah, this is […]

Doovall Car Show

June 5, 2017


Went to the Duvall Days car show (don’t know why they call it that, it’s only one day, but anyway..) The light was good for shooting cars, nice and flat so you don’t have to worry about too many hot spots on the chrome. Never a big show, attendance was light this year. And, despite […]

Not Everybody Loves a Parade

June 4, 2016


click on the image above for a full-size version Duvall Car Show 2016 Apparently, they closed the road in front of my store today so a bunch of horses could crap there before a parade, so I had to walk to work. It wasn’t a total loss because there was a little car show on […]

Cape Cod Car Show

October 24, 2014


Some rare and excellent cars here, like the Stutz Bearcat. Taken in 2008 on my way back from my first and only ever trip to Cape Cod with my parents. I’d just gotten my 12-24mm zoom and was playing with it. On some images, I’m only 6″ from the car! P.S. Who Are You and […]