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Edinburgh & The River Tweed

May 18, 2020


Per usual, as my blog anniversary approaches, I start cleaning out my draft folder. Besides, this is my only fishing post for the year. Because I was working during the day, I got very few images, but Amber made 11 very detailed posts, with fantastic images on Facebook. Look under her Albums section and choose […]

Published Pieces

December 20, 2018


Image from Fernie BC. Click to see the portrait version. When I was cleaning up Amber’s Picks, I ran a couple of searches on the stories that had gotten published to include the links and I ran across a few I had forgotten, and a few I didn’t even know about. So mostly as an […]

The Feather Thief

August 2, 2018


A Fascinating Caper and Moral Tale The Feather Thief, by Kirk Wallace Johnson certainly proves my dad’s adage that “truth is stranger than fiction.” The entirely non-fictional story reads like a novel. As a novelist and short story writer, I sure wish I could’ve come up with this plot. And, while the crime was tangentially […]

Amber’s Rod

May 17, 2018


NBC News Link In I Want Teal Waders, I talked about some of the cool new rod designs I’ve gotten to do in the last year because women fly fishers want to, well, accessorize. This rod was particularly fun to work on because I didn’t design it, but just collaborated on it with the eventual […]

I Want Teal Waders!

May 17, 2018


Somewhere along the line some genius figured out that instead of just having women model fly fishing gear for men to ogle and buy it, that maybe they should actually market fly fishing gear to women. Being how smart this is, it must’ve been a woman who came up with it. I’m kind of pissed […]

Calculated Risk

March 25, 2018


It may seem like I’m not writing much, but the opposite is true. It’s just that I’ve been submitting them to publications which only consider “unpublished” works, and that includes vanity blogs such as this. I have four stories out right now. Nevertheless, I’ve held this up for too long as I have been searching […]

Troutaholics Anonymous

March 8, 2018


Cover image by Amber Mullen, don’t you wish your ice cubes looked like that? This is the long version of the story that was published in the last issue of the Fly Fish Journal. I had to cut half of it to fit, and it I sent it to 6 published authors who each cut […]

Underwrap Tutorial

January 22, 2018


Ah, Christmas. The gift I give to myself is a few hours to write. The blog has been quiet for a while, but I do have 60 draft blogs I hope to roll out. While I’m doing a whole blog on this rod, I thought that this underwrap I developed might be interesting enough to […]


November 22, 2016


My fishing bucket list is long, and gets longer every October. Therefore while I cannot often go, when my buddies call, I usually have a few suggestions. A few weeks ago, my buddy Mauro called and I wasn’t able to go. The first rains had flooded the mainstem, but I knew of a small trib […]

15 Years Coming

November 20, 2016


At least 15 years ago, sitting around the fire late at night, Chris Owens, then of AEG, and lately of the Animal Planet show Fish or Die mentioned that at the way home he was checking out this little creek that he had heard had bull trout in it. Bull trout to me are like […]