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Underwrap Tutorial

January 22, 2018


Ah, Christmas. The gift I give to myself is a few hours to write. The blog has been quiet for a while, but I do have 60 draft blogs I hope to roll out. While I’m doing a whole blog on this rod, I thought that this underwrap I developed might be interesting enough to […]


November 22, 2016


My fishing bucket list is long, and gets longer every October. Therefore while I cannot often go, when my buddies call, I usually have a few suggestions. A few weeks ago, my buddy Mauro called and I wasn’t able to go. The first rains had flooded the mainstem, but I knew of a small trib […]

15 Years Coming

November 20, 2016


At least 15 years ago, sitting around the fire late at night, Chris Owens, then of AEG, and lately of the Animal Planet show Fish or Die mentioned that at the way home he was checking out this little creek that he had heard had bull trout in it. Bull trout to me are like […]

I Hated You Until I Loved You

July 18, 2016


Picture by Richard MacInnis Small Mouth King The town where my family lives is one of those old mill towns whose downtown is full of crumbling brick mill buildings dating back to the early 1800s before their ultimate demise in the early 1900s which almost none of these towns has ever recovered from. Almost 100 […]

My First Rod

June 24, 2016


Thanks to Mike Sepelak for the image.  Check out his blog: My first rod was a lifetime in coming. When I was in high school, my dad and his work buddies started taking an annual fishing trip upstate, and they decided I was of age to do man stuff. In preparation for this trip […]

73 Fly Fishing Blogs

February 21, 2016


I got invited recently to a closed Facebook group, Fly Fishing Bloggers. On that page is an Excel spreadsheet listing bloggers and their blogs. I thought this was interesting information, but hard to access and impossible for  general audiences to find. Therefore, I thought since somebody else had done a lot of the work (thank […]

‘Boo in the Mist

January 29, 2016


A Word You Don’t Hear Much Anymore I have a good friend, Tavish, a beer drinking/fly fishing/photography buddy. He’s one of the people who followed me up the Elwah. Recently his dad, Bill,  gave him an old fly rod that was in turn acquired from Bills’s neighbor’s grandfather years ago. Although Bill fished the rod […]