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Storycrafting 11: How Work in Progress is killing your Work in Progress

February 13, 2020


  A game for authors or other busy people who need to get sh*t done. In my day job, I coach teams on how to be more collaborative, and more productive. And by “productive” I don’t mean get more work done, I mean create more high quality outcomes. But that is a subtly that perhaps […]

Franklin 1st Day Kayak Races

January 1, 2020


I usually blow this off, but my sister Elizabeth and I need a break from cleaning the pantry, so we went down to the annual Jan. 1 kayak races in downtown Franklin, meeting her husband Patrick at the event. The kayaks come down the Winnipesaukee to the mill pond in town. Downstream the Winnie meets […]

A Proliferation of Crooked Doors of Portsmouth

December 30, 2019


Portsmouth has changed, there is no doubt. As we drove into town we were met first with a brand new parking garage, and the blocks of hideous new buildings, like cancers on the face of an old, loved friend. It was momentarily disorienting. There has been more growth here in the last decade than in […]

One Less October

November 8, 2019


Memory is a faded floral tapestry, and if the mind’s eye can no longer follow a thread, occasionally the present will create a window on a single flower, the way sometimes a clear patch forms in a turbulent stream, letting you espy the white fin of a loafing char, the gold-plated side of a spawning […]

2019 Snohomish Car Show

October 3, 2019


I’ve not gotten to  many car shows this year. Today Amber graciously allowed us the time away from home stuff to take in the Snohomish show, probably because we combined it with a trip to the once good, now excellent, Andy’s Fish House. Given the iffy weather, I was surprised and happy to see the […]

Storycrafting 9: Panster vs. Plotter

September 24, 2019


In the various writing groups I belong to the question of  “Are you a panster or a plotter?” recycles with regularity. A “panster” is a person who sits down to write without a predefined outline; in counterpoint, a “plotter” outlines first. In my own experience this is a continuum: some stories come to me whole, […]

India – Bangalore and Hyderabad

September 12, 2019


Recently I went to Bangalore and Hyderabad for business. India is so foreign, it’s almost alien. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a good photography trip. I was working in walled compounds that were on the outskirts of cities and staying just a few blocks away. Most of the images were taken either on the short walk, or […]