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India – Bangalore and Hyderabad

September 12, 2019


Recently I went to Bangalore and Hyderabad for business. India is so foreign, it’s almost alien. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a good photography trip. I was working in walled compounds that were on the outskirts of cities and staying just a few blocks away. Most of the images were taken either on the short walk, or […]

Protected: Every Man for Himself

August 11, 2019

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21 Dead in Rye

July 19, 2019


3 Rye Massacres: The one they told you about and the two they didn’t How’s that for a face-grabbing lede? On New Years Eve 2019, Amber and I detoured through Rye on our way to Plum Island. On the way in from 101, we came down Breakfast Hill Road, two miles from where I grew […]

Cribbage with Phil

July 11, 2019


I sit here as I so often do, trapped between what I “should” be doing, and what is important. Bills, half-finished stories, and a stalled house remodel stacked up around me, while I monitor work emails and ask “what should I really be doing, now that I’m in ‘The Midnight Slide,'” a term from a […]

8th Anniversary Post

May 20, 2019


Featured image are the beats from my nearly completed novel, working title Fishing the Dorian Gray. Saturday was the 8th anniversary of this blog. This is the time of year I look back and really reflect on why I have this blog, what it means in general, and what progress I’ve made in life. I […]

2019 Olympus Rally, Part II – What Amber Saw

May 17, 2019


Why two parts, you ask? Simple, because after taking hundreds of shots (I personally took 700) for the event, and looking at them on our cameras, Amber who had been standing quietly and patiently revealed that she had been standing behind us videoing the entire event. Once we say these we were much chagrined, headsplapping […]

2019 Olympus Rally, Part I – What Bernard and I Saw

May 17, 2019


Last fall, Bernard and I hit the Tour de Forest Rally on the OP out of Shelton.  We had so much fun that this spring we dragged Amber back for the Olympus Rally. I’m a little fuzzy on the details but I think this is the first time this rally has been held in 20 […]