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Snohomish 35th Anniversary Car Show

September 24, 2017


I went to the Snohomish Classic Car Show for the first time in a decade. I used to spend all day at these and shoot them on film. Due to time constraints, I’ve gotten incredibly lazy and have only done digital lately, but every time I convert one to B&W, I’m like “Ah, this is […]

2017 Eclipse and Mt Hood

August 23, 2017


The eclipse trip came together in a wham-bam sort of way.  I ordered the appropriate 10 stop ND filter, twice, including trying to have it come to Government Camp at Mt. Hood where we were staying and it never showed. The night before I made 8 pinhole cameras in a flurry of activity. We spent […]

2017 Fourth of July Focus Blur

July 10, 2017


That may or may not be a metaphor. This year was a crazy year with barely a minute to think. Sandy’s party came together at the last minute and off to Rye we went. Last year, I meant to try focus blurring, but instead made up aperture blurring, which never was a thing and still […]

The Best (Sci-Fi) Novel You Never Heard Of

June 23, 2017


And a Cool Competition Where You Can Get a Free Copy John Steakley only wrote two novels: Armor, and Vampires before he died of cancer. Armor is ~500 pages. In college five of us read it in 4 days. One  person would stay up all night reading it, hand it to the next at breakfast. […]

Doovall Car Show

June 5, 2017


Went to the Duvall Days car show (don’t know why they call it that, it’s only one day, but anyway..) The light was good for shooting cars, nice and flat so you don’t have to worry about too many hot spots on the chrome. Never a big show, attendance was light this year. And, despite […]

No, Really, I’m Writing a Novel

May 17, 2017


Now that Forest God is dead and gone, I’m dusting off Boa, New Mexico. I was much inspired by having a beer with my friend Matt Ruff who writes what can only be over-simplified as “whacky” stuff only minutes after HBO picked up his latest book Lovecraft Country to turn into a series. That helped […]

Ray Bradbury’s The Swan/Prequel to Old-Fashioned Lime-Vanilla Ice

May 17, 2017


Why I vow to never order chocolate ice cream again Like the Martian Chronicles, you can view Dandelion Wine as essentially a series of short stories set in the same milieu. Many of the chapters from DW were reprinted as individual short stories. In fact, this story “The Swan” was first published Cosmopolitan, September 1954, […]