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Portsmouth Christmas 2016, Non-Door Shots

January 5, 2017


Just a few shots I clicked off while looking at doors. At one point there was a protrusion into the river by Pierce Island (just a few cables downstream of the featured image at the top of the post), called Henderson’s Point, but better known locally as “Pull or be Damned Point” because if you […]

More Crooked Doors of Portsmouth

January 3, 2017


Last year, I did a post, 99 Crooked Doors of Portsmouth, (I thought it was much longer ago) which turned out to be unexpectedly popular.  I followed this up with Crooked Doors of Woodstock, another town my sister wrote about (one of those shots became a magazine cover)>As I am wont to wander Portsmouth, especially […]

Tilton Train Yard

December 18, 2016


The other day I was going fishing with Mauro and it started to snow. Since I had gotten an underwater camera to take fish pictures, he decided he needed (a much nicer) one too, and he handed it to me to take some pictures. Never having used the camera before I was having some issues. […]

Destroying Angel Part 4 of 4

December 10, 2016


Part 1 Part 2 Part 3   6 “Did you read the paper?” I asked a week later as I crunched across the river rock in my wading boots. “The last good thing in the paper was the moon landing,” replied Wulff. “Well Tibaud is going down. And Ella is coming to live here. I’m […]

Destroying Angel Part 3 of 4

December 8, 2016


Destroying Angel Part 1 Destroying Angel Part 2 5 We pulled up to the house and came through the back like last time. Wullf was wearing an apron and pouring coffee all around and looked not unlike a Parisian café owner. I pulled out a chair for Rosalita and made sure it was next to […]


November 22, 2016


My fishing bucket list is long, and gets longer every October. Therefore while I cannot often go, when my buddies call, I usually have a few suggestions. A few weeks ago, my buddy Mauro called and I wasn’t able to go. The first rains had flooded the mainstem, but I knew of a small trib […]

15 Years Coming

November 20, 2016


At least 15 years ago, sitting around the fire late at night, Chris Owens, then of AEG, and lately of the Animal Planet show Fish or Die mentioned that at the way home he was checking out this little creek that he had heard had bull trout in it. Bull trout to me are like […]