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Coming Out of the Light

August 9, 2011


Been a bit busy lately film testing. If I can somehow figure out how to not make this important topic as boring as it sounds, I’ll post soon. The Light Project I’m full of ideas. And occasionally, I bring them to fruition. BTF (before the fire), I had engaged Christian Pointer to help me make […]

Addiction vs. Fetish

July 23, 2011


Like my friend Sam, I love cameras. If there was any doubt after this post, for some reason one day I got on eBay and decided to pick up a few more cameras. The excuse was I developed a bunch of film for my friend Kalyx,  and she had a bunch of blank shots that […]

No, My Phone Does Not Need a Camera – The Arsenal

June 25, 2011


With some down time lately, I’ve been sorting through my gear, running some experiments and thinking about various directions I’d like to go. I thought it might be interesting to sort through the various bits that I use, and don’t use. One thing is when you buy stuff on eBay, which I did when building […]