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Daniel Webster Birthplace

September 24, 2014


“I Prefer to Die before I’m Buried” – Daniel Webster when he was offered the Vice Presidency This blog is really a family effort: my Dad is doing the talking, my nephew took the video, and my sister took the pictures. New England is rich with history and historical places seem to be around every […]

The Very Cruelest Thing Recording

May 11, 2013


No time to read my stuff? Well, now you can listen to it! Jennifer Marble suggested it and Mark Hoffman has very generously recorded one of my stories. It’s about 10 min. and you can click the link to hear it on youtube.  This is the story that got ~3,000 hits in one weekend and […]

Bill Finney Irish Photos of the Week:: The Rest of the Story

January 31, 2012


Trees above the tidal water on the Hardman B&B property. A family group at the Mallmore House B&B (lady center white sweater is Kathleen Hardman – husband Alan is the photographer owners of the B&B – 1988)     email: {BTW that is Bill Finney on the far left, with his wife Alden Center Back. […]

18 new Bill Finney Irish Photos of the Week:: Bad Nephew!

January 31, 2012


I could tell you I had 5 jobs in 2011, three of them in the last month, that I sold one business and started another, or I could just admit that I am the black sheep of the family. I cannot believe I have not reposted Bill Finney’s Irish photos since Thanksgiving, and the very […]

Bill Finney Irish Photo of the Week November 4 & 11

November 13, 2011


Movie Set at Dunquin – Dingle Peninsula – Co. Kerry Interesting time – road blocked (for hours) when the cameras were rolling – people running around – lunch truck on site – actor Tom what’s his name showing up be helicoptered each shoot (had to be in a nice DublinHotel nights) but in the end […]

Bill Finney Irish Photo of the Week Oct. 28

October 28, 2011


I guess I have to get busy when I post more stuff from my guest artist than me. I did spend quite a bit of time in the darkroom this week, working on a commission, my first success at bleaching a print.  I’ll be talking about that when I get a chance to write it […]

Bill Finney Irish Photo of the Week Oct. 22

October 25, 2011


Keem Strand, Achill Island Keem Strand is an interesting place you drive up 3 or 4 hundred feet on a single lane road with pull offs and then descend to the beach area. (The drop-offs are breath taking.) The tiny figure walking the sand is Alden (Bill’s wife, Jon). One of many of our favorite […]