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Skunk Cabbage

May 3, 2014


B&W Portfolio Since I smashed the hell out of my 90mm lens, been playing with my macro, a lot. I’ve always found the curves of skunk cabbage to be very sensual. Also doing a lot of film testing and been playing with contrast a bit, moving zones around. Particularly playing with printing darker, lower contrast […]

One Log, Here be Dragons

May 2, 2014


B&W Portfolio Photos of about six feet of an old-growth log on the Snoqualmie at the base of Twin Falls, more grist for From the Mountains to the Sea. I hiked to the falls one day and then hiked down to the river on the way back, looking for fishing spots I admit, and then  […]


November 24, 2012


Revisiting the Dirty Southies There is a tiny neighborhood in Seattle called Georgetown. I’ve always liked it. It’s like time has passed it by. Trapped on the north and south by freeway off ramps, defined on the east by the massive several block-long old Rainier brewery, the crooked streets and old brick buildings of the […]

Iconic Photos – Why They Don’t Make ‘Em Like That Any More

November 4, 2012


The Million Monkey Problem My boss is quite a photographer, and even has a degree in graphic design.  So at lunch the other day, where I consider it bad form to discuss work, I asked him about photography. He said some thing very interesting. He said “digital photography has allowed the average person to take […]

HDR B&W, Digital vs. Film

October 22, 2011


Author’s note: This post did everything I hoped, in that it covers a subject I haven’t seen elsewhere; it’s the most popular subject on my blog: despite it’s age it gets regular hits so people must be coming to it from search engines. It took me a long time to come to these realizations and […]

Color…A Most Curious Thing

October 8, 2011


Best Laid Plans Last week I finally completed my Quixotic adventure into the Elwha river valley. On my first trip up the valley, a pre-trip to sort out the route, gear, fishing, and logistics, I had envisioned capturing the trip in gritty B&W. Even though the valley is rich in subtle color and the weather […]

Amber Waves of Grain

September 2, 2011


Of Pints and Prints Every time I use my digital camera, especially around Bernard, I make a promise to stop treating it like a toy, and actually apply even a smidgeon of my knowledge to taking a picture. Let alone learn all of the stuff he mentions in passing. It’s not like I’m anti-digital.  I’m […]

Uniqueness in Ubiquity

August 26, 2011


With the advent of digital photography, photographers have not only much readier access to recording images, but also to tools to manipulate them. The things you can do between a cell phone and Photoshop once required expensive gear and technical mastery in the darkroom that amateurs couldn’t hope to achieve. As a result, the amount […]

Don’t Judge a Book by Its Input Method

August 18, 2011


People still talk a lot of about digital “versus” film photography.  I think they are missing the point. It’s kind of like arguing if a book written on a computer is different than one written long-hand. It’s not the tool that capture the data, it’s the tool that outputs it. So while I read a […]

It’s a Fine Line; But a Mile Wide

July 31, 2011


First, I have to credit Rhonda Kelly with that line. Definitely the word-wittiest person I ever met. She also once said “Honesty, it’s the next best policy.” Since that girl won’t write, it’s my lifelong mission to steal all of her good lines and use them to make people think I’m as clever as she […]