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What Is Luminous?

July 28, 2011


With special thanks to Rob Howard from Creative Splurges who helped me muddle through posting a gallery and slide show. Normally I post images on Facebook and just link them to here, but now I am freed from that. So, what is luminous? My friend Peter Moon asked that and I set out to take […]

Photography, 13 Books

July 6, 2011


Recently my friend Kat asked me to recommend some photography books. As mentioned before, for me photography is about the realization of the print. Images on the screen may be a step in that process, but are generally not an end in themselves. I shoot film, mostly B&W. I print my shots in the dark […]

How Crappy Software Makes Good Photos

June 23, 2011


A meandering post on project management and photography… A few years ago, after Microsoft laid off a bunch of people and decided all of us non-essential writer types were overpaid, I decided to make a “career” move and go from writing to project management. That was about four years ago, and I haven’t done a […]

Would You Drive 400mi to Take One Picture?

June 19, 2011


Twice? Recently, when I had some time on my hands I ended up going to the Olympic Peninsula five times in four weeks, when I hadn’t been there but twice in 20 years.  I even applied for a job to write a guide book about it! (In fact, one of the reasons I started the […]

Revisualization – Deviating from Style

June 8, 2011


I got sent on a last minute business trip to Singapore. Normally, no matter where I go I pack my entire medium format kit. But with time constraints, a 24 hour flight, and having to also take a laptop, I decided to take just the DSLR and two lenses: a 12-24mm zoom, and a 28-200mm […]

Why B&W?

May 20, 2011


Right? I mean it made total sense when the world was black and white. If you think about it, and apparently I do think about these things, when B&W was all there was it made sense. But why does it endure now? Now, you either have to convert from color on your digital cameras, or […]

A Tale of Two Photos

May 19, 2011


I’ve had a little bit of time on my hands lately, and I’ve been using it to clear out some of my creative projects: Test film speed Test film speed correctly See if 800 ASA color film can be developed as B&W Print on glass and back with gold leaf Write novel short story Scan […]

Once Black…

May 19, 2011


A few years ago, my friend Beth and  I stumbled on a Brett Weston exhibit at the Currier Gallery in Manchester, NH. This was seriously one of the coolest shows I’ve ever seen. Brett was the son of the influential photographer Edward Weston, Brother of Cole Weston, and father of Kim Weston, also both photographers.  […]