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Storycrafting 1 – The Hero’s Journey

May 14, 2016


Just some ramblings about other peoples’ good works and how to apply them to the things you might be trying to do. I was talking to a friend of mine who had a premise and was interested in turning that into a story. So he asked me if I had any “story outlines.” Of course […]

Pie for Breakfast, Pie for Dinner

July 7, 2015


4th of July in Rye Fireworks in the Blood Growing up in NH and then moving out west, it took me a long time to realize how regional the Fourth of July is.  I remember the bicentennial and how the 4th lasted 3 days, with parades, frog jumping, pie eating, obstacle courses, bicycle races, and […]

The Thayer Barn

April 10, 2015


How I Really Got Sucked into Digital HDR There is was this old barn on the outskirts of town that was fast-forwarding through it’s decay. At some point a group of people banded together to try to save the barn, move it and make it into some sort of arts/civic center. Then another splinter group […]

Shooting into the Sun

April 3, 2015


Beautiful Failure Showing up may be 90%, but crossing the finish line has it’s advantages, too. (Tons of photos below the text.) I had some camera failures recently which made my DSLR my main camera. Honestly, most people get better pictures with their cell phones than I do with my digital camera. But a combination […]

Back to the Darkroom

March 22, 2015


Inspiration, Perspiration, Motivation If you follow this blog, it might not look like I’ve been busy, but actually the truth is the opposite. I’ve been  taking a lot of pictures, most of them digitally because my RB67 started having issues on me in the middle of a shoot. The problem is, while I understand B&W […]

A Zone System Example

May 12, 2014


Featured image was purposefully exposed to send these shadows “into the black.” There is one post on here that gets a least one hit a day. Lot’s of hits, no comments, go figure. It’s my post about B&W HDR. And I’m really glad that gets so many hits because I really spent a long time […]