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Would You Drive 400mi to Take One Picture?

June 19, 2011


Twice? Recently, when I had some time on my hands I ended up going to the Olympic Peninsula five times in four weeks, when I hadn’t been there but twice in 20 years.  I even applied for a job to write a guide book about it! (In fact, one of the reasons I started the […]

Revisualization – Deviating from Style

June 8, 2011


I got sent on a last minute business trip to Singapore. Normally, no matter where I go I pack my entire medium format kit. But with time constraints, a 24 hour flight, and having to also take a laptop, I decided to take just the DSLR and two lenses: a 12-24mm zoom, and a 28-200mm […]

Funny Physics – Shooting Reflections

May 31, 2011


Other Car Galleries: Photographing Reflections Port Gamble Car Show Big Rock 1 B&W Cars Car Shows 1 Color Cars 2 Car Shows Rat Rods Shooting Fish in a Barrel How to Shoot Hot Rod Reflections I like hot rods, old cars, and in general great examples of Detroit rolling iron. I go to a lot […]

How to Shoot a Roll of Film for Learning the Zone System

May 19, 2011


Because I often have a camera in my hand, I often get asked questions about photography. In fact one of the reasons I was able to dump so much content up here is because I had it lying around in emails and IMs. No, really, somebody did ask me about the Zone System. Here is […]

Taking Great Pictures in 20 Words or Less

May 19, 2011


Alright, some of these topics are pretty esoteric. So I’m going to lay out here in 20 words or less how to take the best possible pictures with your digital camera, in nearly all conditions. This is so short I originally sent it as a text. I’ll save all the pontification for why later, for […]