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More Lore from the Mythos II

October 14, 2020


Once again, I made it into More Lore from the Mythos from Fractured Mind Pulbishing. When Lovecraft created his mythology his aim, much like Tolkien’s, was to create a rich tapestry that others could base their own tales in. 100 years later, his work is still going strong. There have been literally dozens of his […]

Falling Awake

July 26, 2017


Another silly romance. I wrote this in hypnagogia, the state between sleep and wakefulness, Sunday morning. Come to think of it, I’ve probably written over one third of all my stuff on Sunday mornings in this state. I should get more sleep! At any rate, it was probably inspired by Bradbury’s Bright Phoenix, which I […]

Gunpowder Worm

June 26, 2017


Preface A few years ago, I realized all the stories in You Didn’t Know Me Then, were a collection of loosely connected vignettes that could all take place in the same universe à la Martian Chronicles or Dandelion Wine. In this near-future world, a comet carrying a silicon-destroying virus shatters in the earth’s atmosphere, distributing […]

The Forest God

May 15, 2017


The Forest God Here is a quick little story two-and-a-half years in the making which would probably still be being pondered over if I hadn’t set the artificial deadline of my blog anniversary (5/18) to “publish” it. Confession of Solomon Pentacost This day, October 31, 1665, Solomon Pentacost My name is Solomon Pentacost. As I […]

Pigs of Minot

January 7, 2017


A few nights ago I had a fever and I had one of those dreams that goes all night, no matter how many times I wake up, every time I go back to sleep, it continues. This allows me to think about and shape the dream, and it’s actually a large part of my writing […]


July 24, 2015


Forward I debated a long time about writing this story. Yes, it came to me pretty complete and so was pretty easy to write, but that does not always mean it’s worth typing up. I would appreciate any feedback on it. It’s also my first “hard” science fiction story, a story where science drives the […]