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Story Crafting 12: Writing ABDC

April 30, 2021


On the spectrum from panster to plotter Maybe plotting works great for you. But if you get stuck try this. Maybe you are a panster. But if you get stuck try this. For the record, this is the first time I’ve been forced to use the new WP editing suite and it sucks balls. No […]

More Lore from the Mythos II

October 14, 2020


Once again, I made it into More Lore from the Mythos from Fractured Mind Pulbishing. When Lovecraft created his mythology his aim, much like Tolkien’s, was to create a rich tapestry that others could base their own tales in. 100 years later, his work is still going strong. There have been literally dozens of his […]

Hellcats Anthology

October 12, 2020


PLEASE BUY THIS BOOK If you’ve ever read anything I’ve ever written, most likely it was here, for free, and I appreciate that. However, this is a little different. Like a lot of you, I am distraught about the goings on in the world today. If it’s not one thing, it’s another. And, it seems […]

The Damned of Eldritch Creek

November 20, 2019


The Damned of Eldritch Creek By Jon Tobey   I’m assuming that anybody on my Facebook page who is going to buy More Lore from the Mythos has already done so, so I’m going to post a portion of my story in the analogy here, and ask if you like it, please invest $1.99 in […]

Storycrafting 10: Free Association

October 24, 2019


In his book Zen and the Art of Writing, Ray Bradbury famously discussed his “noun list” writing technique. It’s been regurgitated many times. I first read about this in the preface to either Something Wicked this Way Comes or Dandelion Wine when I was 12, and of course forgot it for a good 40 years. […]

I Shot Muldowney

May 8, 2019


This will be my third year entering the Stories of the Sea competition. Clearly, I had a year to write something, but I seem to have this bad habit of writing the piece just before the competition. I had the title for this in a notebook for a long time, and was going to write […]

Published Pieces

December 20, 2018


Image from Fernie BC. Click to see the portrait version. When I was cleaning up Amber’s Picks, I ran a couple of searches on the stories that had gotten published to include the links and I ran across a few I had forgotten, and a few I didn’t even know about. So mostly as an […]

She Loves Me, She Cleaned My Truck

May 7, 2018


All photos by Mike Sepelak, Mike’s Gone Fishing I opened the door to my ‘76 Ram Charger and nothing fell out. Absolutely nothing. That should’ve been my first clue, but I was busy shucking my gear in for the day and thinking about other things until I got in and saw the card carefully stood […]

Troutaholics Anonymous

March 8, 2018


Cover image by Amber Mullen, don’t you wish your ice cubes looked like that? This is the long version of the story that was published in the last issue of the Fly Fish Journal. I had to cut half of it to fit, and it I sent it to 6 published authors who each cut […]

Blood Dust

September 14, 2017


This one is for Steve Duda who fell down laughing when I said I was a romance author. Well, take this for love, Duda. Duke levered himself out of the muck in the street. He hurt. All over, he hurt. And, he had a powerful thirst. He looked up; dead ahead in neon and nicotine […]